We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

5 ideas to enjoy your backyard bar with loved ones this summer

The shining sun, a light breeze cooling the summer heat, a blue sky exempt of clouds. No matter your notion of summer, all those elements invariably come into play. After months of living indoors, the sight of good weather is enough to get us all outdoors in quest of our dosage vitamin D. To make the most of the sunny days many of us will head to the backyard, take out the cutlery and place in on the table. Today we give you 5 occasions to gather friends and family for a meal at home around our backyard bar.

1 – Barbecues and fresh drinks

We would be remiss to write this article without mentioning barbecuing. The King of summer, master of meals with friends or family and chief of our taste buds. For many barbecues are synonymous with a relaxed, casual atmosphere with some sitting around the table, others chatting and glancing at the grill. So many ways to enjoy the good tidings in good company!

Backyard bar +: It lets you create various spaces to eat, relax or socialize

2 – Dining Al Fresco under the stars

What better than a dinner Al Fresco under the stars to get that vacation feeling going? A meticulously prepared meal, a full table and a toast to summer nights can only make the dining experience more delicious. What better way to enjoy the weather and people in your life?

Backyard bar + : designed for social occasions, it transforms your patio into a gazebo

3 – Sunny weekend brunches

If dining al fresco is a most enjoyable summer experience, another one just as good is the outdoor weekend brunch. A fine mix of breakfast and dinner & sweet and salty, brunch is bound by no rules safe for setting the tone for the weekend. Feel the sun heating up between two bites and relax knowing you can extend this meal well into the afternoon.

ackyard Bar +: accommodating two tables, it makes it possible to create an open-air buffet

4 – Friday night happy hour

Another summer essential that everyone eagerly awaits: enjoying a drink on your patio. This year, play mixologist and invite friends over for cocktails. Imagine, create, and savour all in one step! Add a few hors d’oeuvres to the mix and let the fun begin.

Backyard Bar +: Its counter creates an informal atmosphere perfect to enjoy drinks with friends

5 – Improvised theme nights

Choose a country and create a meal and decorate around that theme. It could be the destination of your dreams or an opportunity to relive one of your last trips. In the end, all occasions to spend time outdoors with loved ones in summer are valid. Surf the positive feeling and travel by way of culinary escape.

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