We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

5 tips to prepare your Bunkie for this Winter

Summer is over, and winter is coming – alas! For the moment, Autumn offers pleasant warm temperatures, but the cold air of winter will arrive sooner than we would like. We must, therefore, begin to organize and prepare our gardens to weather this storm. This includes a routine inspection for our wooden cabins. Your Bunkie, a modular room in your garden, will also be an element that you will have to look after for the winter. Not only to ensure its sustainability and still have your cabin in excellent condition by spring but mainly if it is isolated and if you use it all year. To make sure your Bunkie is also going to have a great winter, preventive maintenance is essential. Here are the 5 items to watch for during the colder months to ensure the maintenance of your Bunkie.

1 – Check the roof coating.

The roof covering of your cabin must remain intact. Thus, it is vital that there are no leaves, foam or other debris on it. It slows the evacuation and keeps the moisture on the roof. Before the beginning of the winter, be sure to clear the roof of your Bunkie.

2 – Inspect the foundations.

The structure of your Bunkie is widely based on the stability of its foundations. Due to the harsh temperatures and the trials your Bunkie may have to go through in the winter, it is essential that it stays stable and well-set in its location. Check its levels, which may vary in case of soil compaction.

3 – Check the impermeability.

The impermeability of your Bunkie is fundamental. Rain, snow, ice and then melting ice, none of these should affect your Bunkie. While the weather is still warm, make the most of the time to inspect all the finishes of your Bunkie and check the status of the seals. No moisture penetration should be noticeable.

4 – Examine the closing mechanisms.

Snowstorms and windstorms are not rare in winter. If it occurs, wait for the storm to stop, wear your warmest clothes and check the closing and opening mechanisms. Examine them and make sure everything is in excellent condition. Do the equivalent thing for all corner pieces. To be meticulous, do an audit before the storm and go back there to see if it has not done any damage.

5 – Déneigez votre bunkie.

We do not think about it enough, but snow removal is a small but very significant gesture. Clearing the structure of your Bunkie especially at the roof level, avoids excessive accumulation of snow and helps lighten the weight supported. During warm temperatures, the snow accumulation can go up to double the weight of the bunkie. You are now set to spend the winter securely with your bunkie! To buy one of these wooden cabins, contact them directly at 1-877-554-0854.

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