We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

5 tips to winterizing your bunkie

There’s no avoiding it—summer is behind us and winter is on its way! As pleasant as sunny autumn days can be, it’s time to prepare your gardens, landscaping and property features for the plunging temperatures and icy conditions ahead. That includes prepping your tiny-house, whether you’re closing it down for the season or planning on using it year-round with a winter heater. Prevention can save you time, trouble and cost down the road, so let’s get started on the best preventative measures for your treasured bunkie!

1 – Clear the roof

The roof is a vital element of your bunkie. Throughout the year, it weathers major swings in temperature, high winds, dropping branches and foliage, snow build-up and more. After the trees around your bunkie have finishing shedding their leaves, make sure to clear all debris from your roof. A layer of leaves can block drainage during the winter months and trap moisture on the roof, accelerating the need to replace the tiles or entire roof.

2 – Inspect the foundation

Your bunkie foundation plays a key role in its stability. Harsh conditions and freezing ground temperatures all play a role in changing soil density, which can cause structural foundations to shift slightly. While a certain degree of expansion and constriction is a normal part of weathering four seasons, check your bunkie levels now to create a baseline so you’ll be able to compare with any changes next spring.

3 – Prepare seals

You can’t stop winter from coming, but you can stop winter from coming in! Before the temperature dips below freezing, inspect all the seals and finishes of your bunkie. Use a clean damp cloth to wipe dust or moisture off any seals, caulking and sealants, and locate and patch any areas that have peeled or cracked. You’ll be glad when rain, ice, snow and sleet come calling!

4 – Check doors and windows regularly

Snowstorms and high winds are a fact of winter. Make regular checks after major weather events to ensure your bunkie entrances and windows are still intact. Look for cracked windows, frozen door mechanisms, snow or ice build up under doors, or any other signs of damage. Checking on your bunkie throughout the winter will minimize nasty surprises come spring.

5 – Clear off your bunkie

Clearing snow from your bunkie will extend its health and lifespan. Our structures are made from sturdy Canadian wood and are designed to last, but the stress of extended weight or heavy moisture on the roof can cause damage over time. When the temperature rises above zero, the accumulated weight of the snow and run-off can even outweigh your Tiny House! On clear days, enlist the help of a friend to safely remove snow from the roof.

Questions on how to get the most from your bunkie? Our team is here to help! Call us at 1-877-554-0854 or email [email protected]. Or run through our spring checklist to plan ahead for next year!

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