We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

How to Build a Wiserwood Bunkie

Assemble your mini cottage or bunkie kit in a few days!

Here’s how to build your bunkie or mini cottage kit form in a few days with your friends. We deliver all the materials you need to build your new bunkie kit: wood, doors and windows, all the necessary hardware and clear and precise instructions.

Pre-Assembly Instructions

Before your start your project, make sure you validate the following elements.

Check with your municipality for any permits or building requirements.

Gather a group of 4+ of DYI friends who will help you with the assembly.

Plan a 4 day project soon after you receive your package.

Choose an elevated site with well-drained soil where water does not accumulate.

Nail punch
Ribber mallet
Tape measure
Square screwdriver (#2 for screw #8 and #3 for screw #10)
Bit, 3/16″
Level, 48″
Ladder, 6’ (16’ scaffolding for the Refuge)
Saw (optional)

Set the Foundation

Various options for the foundation are available, depending on your budget. Discuss your optimal options with a building or landscape professional:

Treated Woods Blocks

Solid Concrete Blocks

Helical Piers

Cast Cement Footings

Start your assembly with the floor and door frame.

1 – Header and edge joists

2 – Joists and bridging

3 – Starter planks

4 – Floor planks

5 – Start of the walls

6 – Put the door frame in place

7 – Temporary bracing

You are now ready to assemble the walls.

1 – Assemble the walls

2 – Assemble front (F2 and F3) and side (CF1) planks

3 – Install the #2 window frames

4 – Assemble the walls to top of windows

5 – Install the mezzanine floor joists

6 – Install the mezzanine floor joists

7 – Install the mezzanine floor planks

8 – Assemble the upper walls

Assembling the roof.

1 – Install the gable bases (0A) and intermediate beams

2 – Install the gable tops (0B), ridge beam and intermediate beams

3 – Install the roof bridging

4 – Install the roof planks

5 – Install the roof braces

6 – Install the fascia boards

7 – Install the roof peak finish boards

Finishing the openings.

01 – Position the door

02 – Attach the hinges

03 – Install the door knob

04 – Install the windows

05 – Install the ladder

06 – Install the balustrade and support posts

07 – Install the front wall brace

08 – Install the inside corners

09 – Apply sealant

10 – Roofing material

11 – Protect your wood

12 – Check the inside corners

13 – Check the foundation

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