We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

Cottage country, here we come.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a cottage or cabin in cottage country, or even property somewhere in the bountiful, beautiful Canadian outdoors, you’re likely no stranger to the rites and rituals of cottage season. From May to September, many of us take advantage of the finer weather to gather near the many lakes, forests, and campgrounds that make up our great Canadian playground. Whether you’re a habitual weekender or considering your first lakeside lodge, Bunkies provide a wealth of ways to extend your cottage season, your accommodation capacity, and even your rental income. Read on to see how some of our Bunkie enthusiasts are getting the most out of their home-away-from-home properties.

Extra room to sleep, stay and entertain.

Committing to a cabin is no small decision. A secondary property requires time, maintenance, attention and financial upkeep. Many of our customers purchased their cottage or cabin long ago, or have had one pass through several generations of family. So while cottages remain the same year after year, families continue to change. Bunkies are an excellent way to keep up with the growing needs of a growing family, whether it’s providing additional sleeping quarters for the next generation of little ones, creating a fun place to hang-out for older kids and their friends, or receiving your own guests and relatives in privacy and style.

Bunkies are a cost-effective way to maximize the lifespan of your cabin or cottage, no matter how your needs evolve over the years. And don’t forget the additional income opportunities that come with extending the capacity of your rental property, if you rent or sublet your cottage when not in use. Not only will the additional sleeping quarters be of service, but you can use your Bunkie to safely store any water accessories or land equipment not being used by your family or renters during the off-season or winter months.

No cottage? No problem.

For some of our Bunkie customers, the land comes before the cottage. That is, they’ve found an exceptional piece of land to call their own, but have yet to build a cottage or cabin. They could be in the process of getting the necessary permits to build, or perhaps they are camping fans accustomed to setting up on the property in tents or campers.

Bunkies are a perfect way to gain access to some creature comforts without the longer delays of building a four-season residence. Bunkies are specifically designed and built to meet or exceed many municipal building codes—you can check with your local municipal building department, but often the permit process is much simpler, or not required at all, depending on the size of the model. That means enjoying your land from the comfort of a sturdy, strong shelter without the costs and timelines of building a full cottage. Plus, you’ll be able to extend your stays through the cooler spring and autumn seasons without needing heavy-duty camping equipment or worrying about weekend-dampening downpours.

So you’re building—congratulations!

You’ve gone ahead and saved up, had cottage or pre-fabricated designs drafted and approved, and you’re ready to start building… in a year. Building season comes and goes quickly, so it can take some time before you’re able to truly take advantage of your own personal piece of cottage country. Some of our customers preferred to put the Bunkie before the house

they built their Bunkies quickly and used them to stay in while erecting the main cottage. Then, once the cottage is ready, you can simply transition your Bunkie into a guesthouse that will continue to serve you for years to come. Since our Bunkies can be built in a matter of days, depending on the model and number of hands involved, families can get a jumpstart on enjoying their property much sooner. Plus, you’ll be able to comfortably oversee the building process of your main cottage, close by and on hand to collaborate with the construction team. With short-term perks and long-term advantages, it’s a comfortable way to get a cottage win-win.

Need we say more? If you already have a piece of lakeside land or a cottage that is way to small to accommodate all your family and friends, head on over to our current promotion: a $500 IKEA card if you purchase a bunkie in the next few weeks. That way, you don’t even have to sleep on the floor!

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