We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

The new trend is for “bunkies”

In its purest interpretation, a bunkie designates a small wooden structure, independent of all surrounding facilities, which one installs on a yard to accommodate various needs. At first unattractive and strictly functional, it used to only serve as a small storage cabin or a tool room in the corner of one’s courtyard. Nonetheless, the bunkie has been given a different style thanks to a growing interest for its many benefits.

For some time now, lights have shifted to less traditional uses of bunkies. The most ingenious minds have diverted the original meaning of these homes into creative, stylish and warm places. Jointly or not, the attention given to bunkies has rocketed, and people have been given free reign to their imagination to invest the areas of these wooden huts.

It is now possible to see bunkies converted into home offices, studios for the children, recreation rooms for the whole family and even guest rooms or reception rooms. The possibilities are many when the very essence of these wooden cabins is that they are customizable canvas.

Often without the need for a building permit due to their small size, building these sections has been made easy by the popularization of prefabricated kits. Good arms will probably be able to finish the assembly in a few short days.

Regarding style, here too, alternatives have been enriched, to the delight of decoration and design lovers. The traditional all-wood style remains a timeless classic with the appearance of a family cottage, but it is now possible to find more modern options with glazed structures and texture blends.

Today, we mainly see these wooden cabins as being the perfect answer to a wish for extra space at one’s house. Since construction is not always feasible, getting a bunkie is an ideal solution to breathe and aerate the inside. It is above all the personification of an urban retreat in one’s garden, an intimate sanctuary to suspend the course of the daily life for a moment.

With its customizable design, the assembly of your bunkie turns into an actual creative project. The most dedicated will even install electricity in their cozy corner to enjoy all year round.

To escape while staying at home is now possible thanks to bunkies; multi-use spaces where the childhood dream of owning a cabin is now accessible to everyone!

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