We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

The perfect fishing trip

Have you ever thought of organizing a fishing trip? No? But, what are you waiting for? A fishing trip allows you to find yourself in nature, relax and to get away from daily life. You can organize the trip with your family and introduce your children to fishing. You can also go with friends, guys or girls or as a group.

At Wiserwood, we asked our friend Eloise Harvey of the Lac Croche Outfitter to describe the perfect fishing trip … and she generously gave us the following guide, which we are happy to share with you!

Plan your trip

Step One: Determine the type of trip you want to experience

First you need to select where you want to go. The choice should depend on your expectations in terms of accommodations and food. Would you like a hassle-free trip with an American plan or an adventure trip where you have to bring all your food and sleeping bags? Outfitters are all different and offer different services. Remember that, depending on the trip chosen, the prices will be different.

Step Two: Choose the type of fish you want to catch

In Quebec, there are many varieties including, among others, brook trout, rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon, pike, walleye and more! It is also possible to fish several varieties at the same time as is the case on our magnificent St. Lawrence River.

Step Three: Choose the other activities of your stay

This answer may depend on whether you go with friends or with your family, especially if you have children. We can assume that, since you are organizing the trip, you would be happy to fish for 12 hours a day, but perhaps your spouse and children would like to experience more varied activities. Find out about other activities offered at the outfitter or even nearby. Some offer water sports and can rent or lend you kayaks, paddle boats and paddleboards. Others offer outdoor activities such as mountain biking, mountain bike trails, hiking trails and more.

Alright, now that you know you want to tease brook trout, you will visit the site of the Federation des Pourvoiries du Quebec, which presents a wide range of outfitters. And there, you see The Pourvoirie du Lac Croche in Charlevoix. Love at first sight! You book a week with us. Here is how to prepare your fishing trip.

Prepare what you need to bring with you

How to obtain a fishing license

All people who would like to fish must obtain a fishing license. You must go to a sales agent authorized by the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks to obtain the permit. It is issued for one year and is valid from April 1st to March 31st of each year. Fees depend on license category and fishing period, one, three or seven days.

The right clothes for a fishing trip

As for the right clothes, you need a variety of clothes for the duration of your stay. Depending on the season and location of the outfitter, plan for rain gear, and clothes for both warm and cool weather, especially if you plan your trip at the beginning of the season (May) or in end of season (September). We know our Charlevoix climate well, and it can change very quickly, regardless of the month. Do not forget to bring sunscreen and spray against mosquitoes, you will use it for sure.

Food during the fishing trip

If you have chosen an outfitter who provides you with meals, your list will be very short. Do not hesitate to make or buy granola bars or other snacks like trail mix for your time on the lake or the river. On the other hand, if you have opted for the option of preparing your own meals, create your grocery list based on the equipment available on-site. For example at our property, each chalet has all the necessary equipment: pots, pans, utensils, coffee maker, fridge and even a small freezer. You can also rent a barbecue directly on the site. We fully equip our cottages because we do not offer a meal plan. You can create your own gourmet meals based on fish or according to your inspiration. But, as you will be on vacation, keep it simple and don’t forget your bottle of wine!!!

Fishing equipment needed

The fishing equipment you need to bring on your trip are: a spinning rod or fly fishing rod or both. For my part, I fish with both. However, fly fishing requires practice and much more technique. Please do not buy what a salesperson who never goes trout fishing may recommend to you. Unfortunately, I have already seen customers fishing with pike jiggers to catch speckled trout – very bad idea! On our property, the water is shallow. So you will need a few 2½ inch Toronto Wobbler spoons of your preferred colour, wet flies, hooks and swivels. You could also have a pot with you so you do not miss a nice big trout and live to regret it!

If you would like to experiment big trout fishing, you could try to train. To make the troll, the ideal is to use a small electric motor and move very slowly leaving your line drag behind deep and not on the surface. At the Pourvoirie du Lac Croche, you can rent an electric motor.

It is important to know that even if we fish for speckled trout, it may be different. Here we have trout lakes and native trout lakes. The sown trout is very beautiful and it bites more easily. On the other hand, the native trout is a fighter. Often, a small native trout looks like a bigger trout than you had originally thought. Tip: If your health allows you, do not hesitate to go walking to our lakes a little further. As they are less fished, the trout are much more abundant and as they are numerous, there is less food. In the end, they are hungry and bite more! At all times, you should bait the fish with earthworms. Be careful never to bring leads to fish in our lakes. When they escape, they can contaminate the lakes through reproduction.

Prepare the road for your trip

Several outfitters are located in the countryside, far from our cities. So prepare your route well. Do not forget to bring snacks, water and, if traveling with your family, bring a game or videos for the kids. You can also plan your rest stops based on the Relais Villages and local attractions along your route.

For our part, we are located in Sagard in Charlevoix. If you go through La Malbaie, you will follow our majestic St. Lawrence River to St. Simeon for about 30 minutes. You will pass next to the chapel that Mr. Paul Demarais had built for the locals after the old one had burned down. It is surrounded by mountains and the view is definitely worth the detour! The region of Charlevoix has magnificent mountains full of valleys and wonderful streams.

When you arrive at our location, our friendly staff will welcome you warmly and show you to your cottage. You will also be assigned a different lake for each day of your stay; so you can see up to 12 lakes, a panorama and a different experience for two weeks straight.

I hope to have piqued your desire to organize and book yourself a fishing trip, especially with us!

Welcome to my paradise!

Éloïse Harvey, MBA

Shareholder of the outfitter du Lac Croche in Charlevoix

You can contact the outfitter : https://www.laccroche.com/

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