We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

Transform your bunkie in an authentic rental cabin in the woods!

Camping, like many other spheres, is not exempt from current trends. A quick look at the sociological uses shows an evolution in its practice. To the greatest dismay of the purists, it is the ready-to-camp that seduces more and more people; especially students and young people in their early thirties *. This new and much more urban target offers new possibilities for the camping world and could give it a more attractive image among neophytes.
Among the favorites, luxury camping and its glamping neologism have their place of course, but the trend swings essentially towards unusual accommodations. Treehouse, open air bubbles, yurts on the edge of a lake, small minimalist chalets, they all have the same goal: the temporary withdrawal from a city routine, a brief retreat in search of tranquility and rest. In short, an unprecedented experience far from everyday life. Nature, healing and authenticity are the keywords.

It is a smooth experience to put in place by all landowners and tourist residences, through the installation of prefabricated wooden huts. Completed by the natural surroundings and surrounding outdoor activities. The cabins have the flexibility that can be useful in filling all the projects. These small wooden cabins exude originality and can turn into chalets in the woods, treehouses, restrooms to observe the nature or to welcome more innovative experiences such as massages or saunas in the forest.
When is it concretely investment in ready-to-camp? These new types of accommodation are leading operators to rethink their offer and review their management. Owners of ready-to-camp units spoke about the subject and the experience they make of it.
Some advantages are obvious. The first to be cited is the densification of revenues through an additional source of cash flow. It is the whole period of the camp-site that is redesigned with the inhibition of the cancellations because of the bad weather, which prolongs the beautiful season of the camp-site and will even be able to roll out an offer all the year. Every ready-to-camp plot becomes more profitable compared to a traditional pitch site.
Among other things, this is made possible by the diversification of the offer, which attracts an array of new customers. A wealthier clientele certainly, but also the possibility of accommodating travelers, people with no equipment or those who want to try camping before investing.
However, it is worth mentioning that maintenance and repairs will have a higher cost than a traditional tent site. Management, too, will be impacted by a more significant workload that requires more time and resources from operators. As for the clients, although new and more financially comfortable, will also be more demanding concerning the quality of the offer since most will know very little or nothing about the world of camping or its necessary procedures and will primarily be looking for a Turn Key getaway. Not to mention that for these facilities, the accommodation tax will now be a requirement.
Nevertheless, installing bunkies to make ready-to-camps remains an excellent opportunity to increase the visibility of one’s land and quickly build a unique experience in symbiosis with the surrounding nature.

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