We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

Transform your Bunkie into a cozy winter haven

Any Bunkie owner can tell you that a Bunkie provides many advantages, but let’s look at how we can maximize those benefits even more. Whether you use your Bunkie as a home office, a relaxation area or it serves a more functional purpose, Canadian winters mean taking extra measures to go from three-season to four-season use. With a few great ideas and do-it-yourself tricks, you can enjoy your Bunkie experience year-round. Let’s take a look at options for a variety of budgets, timelines and renovation experience levels.

Insulate your Bunkie for greater comfort

Start by looking into insulation. If you take steps to insulate your Bunkie, you’ll be able to use it a much greater portion of the winter season. Luckily, we make sure all our models can be insulated, and the process is the same for each model. Simply install insulation boards on all walls, as well as windbreaks, battens and a coating on all exterior walls. For the roof, you can also install insulation boards, then install OSB and a membrane, covering all with laths and sheet metal. Lastly, insulate the floors between each of the joists. Your Bunkie is now more cold-resistant! For more tips, check out our FAQ section on insulation, and remember that the process may affect the nature of your permit, so contact local building authorities with any questions.

Install water and electricity

Even if you like to keep things simple, having running water and electricity in your Bunkie is an asset that gives particular comfort during the winter months. Running water will save you trips back and forth to your main house if it’s nearby, and electrical power opens up a wide range of possibilities heating options, transforming your Bunkie into a home-away-from-home no matter how cold it is outside. If plumbing or electrical work is beyond your interest, speak with local electrical and plumbing professionals to get started on upgrading your Bunkie basics. And don’t forget that electrical additions may affect your permit, so check with your local building authorities.

Consider a wood-burning stove

If you’d like to heat your Bunkie but prefer to keep it off the electricity grid (and your electric bill), look into wood stoves for a cozy alternative. Not only do they provide enough heat to warm your Bunkie and cook your food, they offer a wonderfully rustic touch to your Bunkie experience. Plus, they help reduce any dampness the winter months might bring. Check out some of our favourites at Cubic Mini Wood Stoves to get started.

Upgrade your winter

Winter-proofing your structure means getting more from your Bunkie, but it also means getting more from winter itself. We’re lucky to live in a part of the world with such stunning and distinct seasons, but many of us are confined to experiencing winter from inside the comfort of our homes. A winterized Bunkie in the woods, beside a lake or even in your own backyard brings you a little closer to the natural wonders of our coldest season, letting you enjoy the pristine, quiet beauty of the winter months away from noise and bustle of everyday life. With a few simple steps, you can enjoy your Bunkie and all that it brings you 365 days a year.

Questions on how to get the most from your Bunkie? Our team is here to help! Call us at 1-877-554-0854 or email [email protected]. Or make sure you got all the steps on our winter checklist.

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