We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

Transform your wooden cabin into a living space in winter

Owning a Bunkie has many advantages, but how far can we push the potential of these new living spaces? Whether you have made a relaxation area, a dining room, an office or a room connected to your main home, the winter days drive us to question the viability of these huts during this season. From bright ideas to do-it-yourself tricks, using your bunkie in winter requires some accommodations to enjoy the experience entirely. Note however that the extent of its measurements will directly depend on the lifestyle you want to have in your wooden cabin; as well as your budget, time and your ease with manual work.

Insulate your wooden cabin for more comfort

Typically, insulation is the groundwork. It is strongly recommended to take the necessary time to insulate your wooden cabin properly. This step will lay the foundation for your winter bunkie. The advantage is that all models can be isolated and the procedures are the same. Start by laying insulation boards on the walls as well as windbreaks, battens and finally the coating on all the exterior walls. The roof requires similar treatment with the installation of insulation boards, OSB and a membrane; all covered with laths and sheet metal. Finally, the floor must also be isolated between the joists.

Install water and electricity in your cabin

Even in the event of a simple lifestyle, having running water and electricity in your wooden cabin is a real asset if you have plans to convert it into a living space in winter. All the more so with the installation of electricity, you can quickly overcome the heating issue with an electric heater to accompany you during the coldest hours. However, for a more authentic experience, it is entirely possible to have a slow combustion wood stove in your living room.

Change your lifestyle with a bunkie

In addition to these three essential requirements to spend safe winters in your wooden cabin, the remainder is left to your imagination. Having the chance to exploit these small houses all year round brings incredible freedom and opens many possibilities. Staying in typical scenarios, this can create real living space for one of your family members, but if we step off the beaten path, it can also be the chance to have a small exploitable cottage in the mountains or in the countryside to unwind. The contact with nature, the environment and especially the experience in itself can be highly beneficial.
There’s nothing else that compares to living in a year-round bunkie, and it is certain that one will have to go out of his daily life to create a new one — starting with the limited space that leaves room for the bare necessities. To evolve with only what we need in more confined and intimate spaces is a way of life that is more and more present; response to a society that moves too fast and a beyond rational consumption. Another way of life opens up to you, on a human scale and with a nostalgic air. Between two worlds, choosing to make your winter wooden cabin habitable will offer you an escape from regular life to live a different experience … or to extend your home. If you are interested in purchasing a wooden cabin, contact Wiserwood by phone at 1-877-554-0854 or by email at [email protected].

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