Frequently asked questions

In order to serve you better, we’ve regrouped some of the most common Bunkie questions together in one place, so you can easily find answers to your queries. Didn’t find what you were looking for? We’d love to hear from you so we can help.


How do I shop for a Bunkie using your website?

Our goal is to make your online shopping experience as simple as possible: - Browse our Bunkie models and add your selection to your shopping cart - Browse our accessory options and add any selections to your shopping cart - Follow our checkout process by entering your shipping, billing, payment and address info when prompted - Review your final order, and confirm your purchase!

Look out for our follow-up confirmation emails, and get ready to enjoy your chosen Bunkie.

Where do you post your pricing?

Simply click on any Bunkie model or accessory option to be taken to a more detailed product page outlining the description, technical specifications, packaging details, and pricing. All prices shown are in CAD.

What siding options do the Bunkies include?

We make sure our Bunkie interiors and exteriors come with top-quality wall boards that are resilient, attractive and perfectly finished.

What does it cost to ship a Bunkie?

We’re happy to calculate the cost of any product for you—simply go to a product page and click on “Shipping Estimate” to see how much it would cost to deliver that Bunkie to you. Alternatively, we also provide the shipping calculation when you add the product in question to your shopping cart, as the shipping costs will be estimated prior to checking out.

Are roofing materials included?

Many of our customers prefer to use shingles or the roofing finish of their choice, so we don’t include roofing materials.

Are your Bunkies pre-cut?

We take care of pre-cutting and labeling all lumber and Bunkie pieces so you can get straight to building your dream retreat.

How long should I expect a delivery to take?

On average, we’re able to deliver your Bunkie 4 weeks from receiving your order. That includes order and payment processing, production, packing and, finally, delivering to your shipping address or letting you know that it is available for pick-up at your chosen factory location. We’ll be in touch if there are any special delivery instructions.

Where are your locations?

To better serve you and offer greater access and delivery options, we have multiple locations across Ontario and Quebec, so you can choose to avoid shipping fees by picking up your Bunkie from either Bancroft, Ontario or Cacouna, Quebec.

I live near Bancroft. Would I be able to pick up my Bunkie from there?

Of course! It’s a great way to save on shipping costs. Our Bancroft factory is open and ready to accommodate you Monday to Thursday from 7am to 4pm, and Fridays 7am to 2pm. Once you’ve received an email confirmation that your Bunkie is close to being ready, you can call ahead to schedule a pick-up time. Check our Contact Us page for all telephone numbers.

Is pick-up available from Cacouna as well?

Absolutely. Our Cacouna, QC location is open Monday to Thursday 7am to 4pm, and Fridays 7am to 11am. Once you’ve received an email confirmation that your Bunkie is close to being ready, you can call ahead to schedule a pick-up time. Check our Contact Us page for all phone numbers.

Do the Bunkies come with warranties?

Look out for our follow-up confirmation emails, and get ready to enjoy your chosen Bunkie.

Is any hardware included?

Yes, all necessary hardware is included with every Bunkie model and any accessory. Any excluded materials are listed in the ‘Package’ tab of each product page, so you can plan ahead.

What does the price on each Bunkie product page include?

The price listed next to each of our Bunkie models includes the Bunkie, all doors and windows included with that model, and the hardware required to build it. That price does not include roofing materials, caulking, taxes, shipping charges or any accessories you might like to add to your order. Each Bunkie page has a short list of any items you might need to purchase separately, so you can plan better.


Can I attach a Bunkie directly to my home?

The beauty of Bunkies is the added space they offer as free-standing structures, independent from your home and therefore not requiring the same zoning or building permits. But feel free to reach out to your municipality for local bylaws and guidelines.

Can I raise or lower the roof height of my Bunkie?

Your safety is our greatest concern, so we strongly recommend against making any modifications to the initial structural design, as we’ve created our original Bunkies to be secure and stable.

Do you have Bunkies that are not square or rectangular?

At this time, all our Bunkie designs use a square or rectangular base.

What’s your biggest Bunkie model?

The Massif is an impressive 16’ x 16’ with an adjoining 10’ x 12’ room. It’s room to move, host, play and more.

My backyard is very small. Could I still build a Bunkie?

We have a wide variety of structure sizes, with our smallest model 10’ x 8’, so we invite you check out our full collection to find the model that best fits your space, lifestyle and budget.

I’m pretty creative – if I send you my own design specs, could you produce that Bunkie?

For now only the designs currently offered on our site are available for production.

Are the doors and windows shown with each Bunkie model included, or do I need to purchase them separately?

The doors and windows shown on each model are included. Browse our structures to find the number of doors and windows that best suit your needs.

Can I buy just doors and windows from this site?

Not at this time, but check out our accessories section to see what extras are available.


How are your Bunkies packaged?

All our bundles come on skids for easier handling, and we make sure to paper-wrap all packages to protect them from transportation handling and the elements. To see what is packaged with each product, simply check the ‘Package’ section of the relevant product page.

If I choose the pick-up option, what kind of vehicle will I need to load the Bunkie from the factory?

Our Bunkies come in a variety of sizes and weights, and vary in the number of bundles delivered as well. You can check the size and weight specifications of any Bunkie on its product page. Next, you can check the maximum weight restrictions of the vehicle and trailer you intend to use for pick-up with your vehicle manufacturer to ensure safe transportation.

Can you ship to me anywhere?

We do our best to service customers across Ontario and Quebec. There are, however, certain geographical restrictions for shipping, and we require an adequate roadway to reach your delivery location. If we aren’t able to reasonably access your location, you might incur additional transportation costs. If you want to build your Bunkie elsewhere than in Ontario and Quebec, you can always pick it up from one of our factory locations and transport it to your ultimate destination.

Can I choose the day and time my delivery arrives?

Delivery dates and times are approximate, but the closer we get to the selected date the more able we are to estimate specific times. We’ll be in touch with you to ensure a smooth delivery.

How do I unpack my Bunkie once it arrives at my house?

You simply unscrew the boards holding the tarps attached and cut the straps.

How many people does it take to offload a Bunkie from a truck, and am I responsible for that step in the case of delivery?

The Bunkie bundles are offloaded by the delivery driver, who will see that they are securely moved to your driveway or curbside. From there, the material is easily transportable with 2 people, so you can comfortably manage with a family member or a friend.

How much does it cost to ship a Bunkie to my city?

We’re happy to calculate the cost of any product for you—simply go to a product page and click on “Shipping Estimate” to see how much it would cost to deliver that Bunkie to you. Alternatively, we also provide the shipping calculation when you add the product in question to your shopping cart, as the shipping costs will be estimated prior to checking out.

Do I need to be at home at the time of delivery?

Yes, you must be present to accept your delivery and ensure you’re happy with the condition of your Bunkie.


Do your Bunkies meet the structural requirements of my municipal building code?

Our Bunkies are designed and built to meet or exceed building requirements, but please check with your local municipal building department to confirm.

Are your Bunkies certified?

If needed, we can provide you with legally acceptable engineered drawings for certain Bunkie models. Some fees may apply for us to provide you with plans bearing an engineer’s seal. Contact us for further information.

How will I know if I need a permit?

All buildings exceeding 107 square feet require a building permit. Check with your municipality about your Bunkie location and any permits you may need.

My permit drawings require an engineer’s seal. What can I do?

We offer these drawings for a small processing fee. If your municipality does not require plans bearing an engineer’s seal, simply contact us and we would be happy to email you an electronic copy.

Do you sell permit drawings?

If they are required by your municipality to obtain a building permit, we can provide them to you for a small processing fee.

Can you submit my building permit application for me?

While we’d love to help, only you can request a building permit for your property.


Can I build all the Bunkie models myself?

Our Bunkies are designed with our customers in mind, so we make sure to make it as easy as possible for you to build them yourself. Clear, straightforward instructions and all the necessary hardware come with each model.

On average, how long does it take to build a Bunkie?

It depends on the size of the structure, but on average it takes 2 people anywhere from 4 to 20 hours of work to construct our Bunkies. Consult the “Installation” tab on each model for the specific timelines for each model.

Can I contact you if I have questions or issues assembling my Bunkie?

Absolutely. Our Customer Care team will help at every step. You can reach out to us toll-free at 1-888-74-WISER, or reach us through the email form in our Contact Us section of the website.

Once my foundation is ready, can I have you install the Bunkie?

We do not offer installation at this time, however any local contractor would be able to have your unit up in no time.

How do I find a contractor?

If you prefer, almost any contractor would be able to help you with the building of your structure. The choice of contractor is a personal one, and might be influenced by factors like location, hiring costs and references.

What should I take into consideration if I do hire a contractor?

You should discuss the costs of the items not included in the Bunkie purchase, such as foundation elements, caulking, wood stains, roofing materials or any extras you’ve got in mind that didn’t come with your Bunkie.

How do I assemble a Bunkie?

Start your assembly with the floor and door frame.

1 - Header and edge joists
2 - Joists and bridging
3 - Starter wall planks
4 - Floor planks
5 - Start of the walls
6 - Install threshold and door frame
7 - Temporary bracing

You are now ready to assemble the walls.

1 - Assemble the walls
2 - Install the window and the F1, B2 and CF1 planks
3 - Install the B4, B2E and B2F planks
4 - Install the B5 planks
5 - Install the B6, B7 and B8 planks
6 - Install the B2E, B9, B2F, B10 and B11 planks
7 - Install the D5Z roof beams

Assembling the roof.

1 - Install the roof braces
2 - Install the roof planks
3 - Install the fascia boards

Finishing the openings.

1 - Position the first door
2 - Attach the hinges
3 - Install the astragal
4 - Barrel bolts for doors
5 - Assemble the doors
6 - Position the doors
7 - Barrel bolts for windows
8 - Install the inside corners
9 - Apply sealant
10 - Roofing material
11 - Protect your wood
12 - Check the inside corners
13 - Check the foundation


Can you paint pressure-treated lumber, and other wood species?

Only our sub-floor uses pressure-treated lumber. However, painting is a great way to personalize your Bunkie, so make sure to always follow the paint or stain manufacturer’s recommendations for painting various types of treated or regular lumber.

What type of materials do you use in your Bunkies?

We make sure to use only the highest-grade materials in the industry, starting with the purest Eastern Canadian SPF lumber components. We’re devoted to durability, but we also take style and appearances into top consideration for every manufactured piece.

Will I need to caulk around doors, windows, vents and trim at the corners of the building and along the soffits?

Yes, we do suggest that a bead of caulking be used around all openings and corner joints to avoid any possible moisture infiltrations that may stain the interior finishing.


What do you suggest I use to create the foundation?

There are several options, such as concrete, asphalt or patio stones. Each build is unique, so you should discuss your optimal options with a building or landscape professional to determine which base best suits your needs. We include some suggestions in our technical specifications on the product pages.

How big should I make my Bunkie foundation?

The foundation must be at least the dimensions of the structure being built on it. For more specific information, you can refer the “Installation” section of each Bunkie model product page.

How do I prepare a foundation for my Bunkie?

First, we recommend checking with your municipality about any requirements regarding the location of your building and any permits you may need. Next, ensure your desired spot is elevated with well-drained soil, where no water will accumulate. You’ll need to remove the topsoil and replace it with gravel. Your Bunkie should clear the ground by at least 8’’ for adequate air circulation under your structure. The chosen footings should be level and square (the diagonal measurements should be equal). Your Bunkie floor and walls must be supported on the footings. For more specific dimensions, you can refer to each Bunkie model product page in the “Installation” section.

What kinds of foundation materials I can use?

That depends a little on your budget. For your convenience, we’ve ranked the most popular options from least to most costly: Blocks of treated wood: $ Solid concrete blocks: $$ Helical piers: $$$ Cast cement footings: $$$$

My wood is wet. When should I stain or paint it?

You should never stain or paint wood that is not completely dry. You can refer to the stain or paint manufacturer’s recommendations for the best application guidelines for their products.

Do you have any suggestions for staining, painting or treating my Bunkie?

Wood products absorb moisture and humidity, so it’s best to use products that seal wood from absorption and protect against the elements. You can check with your local paint or stain supplier for more information.


Can I upgrade the flooring material?

We make sure to provide you with high-grade 2’’ x 6’’ interlocking tongue and groove floor boards, no matter which Bunkie model you select. You can use this as is, or apply the finishing type of your choosing directly overtop.

Can I insulate my building?

Certainly—insulating can make your Bunkie more comfortable and usable for even longer than three seasons of the year. You can insulate the floors with high-quality insulation before applying your 2’’ x 6’’ interlocking tongue and groove floor boards. The walls and roof can be insulated with Styrofoam from either the interior or exterior. Just remember that insulating will alter the aesthetics of the interior or exterior finish, and that alterations may affect the nature of the permit required, so check with your local building authorities.

Do you provide heating options?

While there are a wide variety of heating devices available on the market, we don’t supply these products, so we suggest you speak to a local supplier for tips on your best options.

Do you do any electrical or plumbing installations?

Not at this time, no. We suggest you speak with local electrical or plumbing professionals for help with any questions you might have. And don’t forget: electrical additions may affect the nature of the permit required, so check with your local building authorities.


Can I finance the purchase of my Bunkie?

Yes, we do offer financing through our partner, Financeit. The maximum loan size is $10,000 and is based on your credit score.

What documents do I need?

You’ll need government-issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license), a void personal cheque to set up automated debit payments through Financeit and you might need to provide proof of income. You will need to visit a Wiserwood office in person in order for us to verify your identity.

How do I get approved?

Financeit pre-approves applicants instantly based on their credit reports. If your application is declined, there are other steps you can take, such as adding a co-borrower, that may help you get approved. Proof of income might be required.

How do I pay off my loan?

Once you’ve been approved by Financeit and your monthly or bi-weekly payment amounts are set, automatic payments will be debited from your account. If you wish to make a lump sum payment or pay off your balance in full, please contact their service centre. There are no penalties or fees for early repayment.


What if I change my mind - can I cancel my order?

All our products are made to order, so once we receive an order, our team of top craftsmen get to work hand-making your selection. That’s how we ensure that every piece of the final product is of the highest quality. So once manufacturing is underway, you can no longer receive a refund on your order.