8 decorations ideas to transform your bunkie during Christmas

Inspiration Adeline Navarro


The air is festive during the end of the year. The little ones indulge in this season while waiting for Santa Claus, and the older ones take advantage of the holidays to relive memories from a not-so-distant past. The excitement of this season would be nothing without the Christmas decorations that mesmerize our faces. The traditional tree reigns supreme in this glittering art, but the most creative minds will have other ideas to amplify the charm of Christmas in their home.

And what if, this year, we bring a touch of magic by transforming your wooden garden shed into a Christmas elves workshop? Just need to keep some of your decorations, dream a little and the whole family will be delighted by the glittering garlands that animate your garden, already lost in the whiteness of winter.

Here is a selection of ideas and inspirations to decorate your garden shed and make it look festive.

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