She-Sheds: 4 great ways to unleash your inner potential

Inspiration M. Franz

While June brought us a day to celebrate the fathers in our lives, we wanted to
take a moment to focus on mom. The heart and soul of many households, we’re
inspired by the ways women are transforming their Bunkies, creating a truly
impressive variety of havens that seamlessly blend utility and beauty. We’ve
captured some of the stand-out ideas to share with you, and we look forward to
seeing how women continue to put their Bunkies to work!

For your inner artist

We’re seeing more and more Bunkies turned into art nooks, perfect for crafting,
creating and expressing. Bunkies are great for storing delicate, easy-to-misplace
items that could get lost in your household, like sewing or crafting accessories.
But beyond the storage ease, many people are turning to their Bunkie as an ideal
place to work. From being able to concentrate for hours on a writing project to the
peace and quiet needed to knit, paint or think away from the house, you can turn
your Bunkie into a creative oasis.

For the gardening enthusiast

Unlike garage, attic or basement storage, Bunkies provide a blank canvas that
merges their utility with their décor. While the interior is spacious enough to hold
gardening equipment like topsoil, tools and a worktable, or even patio furniture
during the winter months, many of our green thumbs are incorporating their
Bunkies into their backyard vision. With flower boxes, wall trellises and exterior
landscaping, your Bunkie can become an enchanted cottage and an elegant
garden feature, as beautiful as it is functional.

For the entrepreneur

We love that so many women are turning Bunkies into an extension of their
professional goals. Attractive enough to inspire beautiful floral arrangements or
sturdy enough to accommodate the rigors of a fully-functional pottery studio,
Bunkies are being put to work for endless entrepreneurial uses. Design studios,

furniture building, telecommunications—Bunkies can help fuel your career and
livelihood as the perfect home-away-from-home office or workshop.


For your body as a temple

Our yoga enthusiasts have discovered a prime location to develop their practice:
spacious, elegant and minimalist, Bunkies are the perfect backdrop to finding
your zen. And other athletes are jumping on board. You can turn your Bunkie into
a cycling den, complete with stationary bike or indoor bike trainer, storage rack
and weather protection for beloved and costly equipment. Watersports fans can
use the space to keep their kayaks and canoes, and full households will find
Bunkies just the right size to create a home gym.