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Our prefabricated Bunkie kits

You want to build a cabin or a few, but think it is expensive and complicated to do so? Think again! Wiserwood has introduced a simple and affordable solution, the Bunkies. These fabulous cabin kits are sturdy, impeccably-designed multi-purpose structures made unfailingly with 100% tried-and-tested Canadian timber. Best of all, any one of our 10 models can be built in just a couple of days. These three-season structures are ideal for a variety of needs, including accommodating your guests and a great way to generate extra revenue on your property.

Why not an authentic cabin
for rent in the woods?

For all land and tourist residence owners who want to offer ready-to-camp facilities or expand their offering in a natural outdoor environment, these magnificent prefabricated cabins, completely made of wood with an almost unlimited lifespan, will meet your needs in every season. Wiserwood small wood cabins provide flexibility very useful to all projects.

Possible uses:

They breathe originality and can be converted into a chalet deep in the woods, a restful room for observing nature, or facilities accommodating more innovative experiences, such as forest massages or saunas.

Make it your own:

Designed to be customized, your cabin’s setup is transformed according to its use. The most dedicated users will even install electricity or a wood stove in their cozy corner to take advantage of it all year round. Several accessories are available to you to complete its warm and enchanting decor.

Easy installation:

They can be assembled within
two days as easily as ABC.

Attract new customers

These small cabins are converted to ready-to-camp use and allow the owner to diversify and attract new people. Certainly, this includes a more luxurious clientele, but also the possibility of accommodating passing travellers, people who don’t have equipment, or those who want to try camping before they invest.

Whether for a family vacation rental or a stay with friends or co-workers, our different models will adapt to your client’s changing needs. Ready-to-camp is gaining more and more adherents, particularly students and people in their early thirties.

This new and much more urban target offers new possibilities to the camping industry.

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