We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

Our Collection

Experience the freedom and value of extra living space for your home, cottage or any property. With our range of models, you can redefine how you work, play, host and relax. Bring friends and family together to build a space you can enjoy and be proud of for years to come.

Our Mini Cottage kit

The Canyon

81 sq.ft. + mezzanine 63 sq.ft

Guests are in for a treat with the spacious upper level loft feature.

The Grand Canyon

144 sq.ft + mezzanine 114 sq.ft

With even roomier dimensions, this Bunkie offers a truly grand experience

The Refuge

256 sq.ft + mezzanine 120 sq.ft

Take your Bunkie to the next level by adding a mezzanine within. Extend upward for even more room and create the perfect guest house to share with friends and family.

The Village

256 sq.ft

A space that will earn its value many times over in convenience, quality and style. Maximize your sense of escape with a perfect balance between form and function.

The Massif

376 sq.ft

The front room of our biggest model is just the beginning. An interior door opens to a second smaller area in back for more room, privacy and practical use, truly making this mini-chalet stand out.

Our Bunkie kit

The Dune

160 sq.ft

A roomier option that respects your budget while providing a little extra. Consider this the essentials with a space upgrade. Convenient double doors with windows.

The Fjord

192 sq.ft

More room to grow, with an additional window feature for extra brightness inside. Double doors open wide to let the outdoors in, or close for privacy and quiet.

The Cascade

144 sq.ft

Get ready for even greater room to explore your next passion project. The larger dimensions of this model provide more bonus space, all while keeping a sophisticated design feel.

The Versant

100 sq.ft

Elegance meets practicality in this simple design. A gently sloped roof and set of double doors create clean lines and a pleasing canvas to plan your dream interior.

The Moraine

80 sq.ft

Extra space at an affordable price. Capture the essentials with streamlined functionality, plus convenient double doors to let in light and air or keep out the elements.

The Pingo

192 sq.ft

Choose your favourite landscape and get ready to appreciate the view from your miniature home-away-from-home. An extra window, sloped roof and double doors complete this affordable retreat.