We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

3 key questions to ask yourself before you buy!

When planning your yard or garden, it’s easy to get carried away imagining perfectly laid-out grounds that are green, lush and inviting. A great garden space is both organized and creative, offering up an enjoyable area for the whole family. Bunkies are versatile wooden cabins that provide practical, effective solutions to a multitude of needs. While you’ll have fun decorating, Bunkies are more of an investment than a decoration, and they require a little thought and planning. Here are three fundamental questions to ask yourself before you buy.

1 – How will you use your Bunkie?

This is a deceivingly simple question! But Bunkies offer such a wide range of uses that it’s important to know exactly what you need before you choose your model. Plus, you’ll need to take certain things into consideration before you begin building. Are you looking for a simple storage space, or would you like to be able to stay in your Bunkie sometimes? What about year-round? How much natural light will you need? Will your needs change over time? The answers to these questions will affect the model choice, installation and upkeep of your dream Bunkie. A space dedicated to DIY or creative projects might only require a simple interior layout, but sleeping quarters or an office space might need running water, electricity and ample insulation to be fully functional. By carefully considering your short- and long-term needs, you’ll be better prepared to make the right choice.

2 – What is the “true” cost of your project?

While it’s easy to see the initial cost of your preferred Bunkie model on our website, make sure you consider any additional costs before you buy. Each Bunkie requires a foundation—are you thinking concrete? If yes, you will need to purchase and prepare it in advance of your Bunkie delivery. Next, are you thinking of upgrading your windows after installing? Our windows and doors are included in the price of each model, but owner initiatives like adding double-paned glass might bring additional costs. Are you planning to winterize to your Bunkie? Calculate the insulation costs in advance, and remember that heating bills will be an ongoing expense each year. If you plan on a fully functional home-away-from-home, there might be costs to install plumbing, electricity and septic tank connections. Finally, will you be building your Bunkie with your most handy friends, or outsourcing to a contractor? Having an accurate financial snapshot will help you respect your budget and better enjoy your Bunkie.

3 – What maintenance will your Bunkie require?

Much like looking ahead to potential ongoing costs, it’s important to evaluate how much time and attention your Bunkie will need going forward. To properly enjoy your little cabin for years to come, you’ll need to care for it as you would any home. Regularly inspecting and repairing your Bunkie will mean peace of mind and continued enjoyment. Focus on these main areas:

  • Ensure your roof covering is clean, clear of debris and not leaking or vulnerable to excess moisture build-up
  • Check all joints, entrances and window frames regularly for airtight seals to keep out the elements
  • If you’re considering alterations to the door designs, please check with our team first, so we can guide you to options that will keep your Bunkie snug and secure
  • In winter conditions, clear heavy snow from the roof or any porch additions to reduce unnecessary weight
    It’s a good idea to run through a complete spring and winter checklist each year. With an established all-season plan for your Bunkie structure, including how you’ll use it and what you’ll do during periods of non-use, you can better choose the model that best suits your needs. A Bunkie has so much short- and long-term potential, so by planning today, you can reap more benefits tomorrow.

Our team is here to help every step of the way, so contact Wiserwood with any questions at 1-877-554-0854 or by email at [email protected].

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