We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

A Guest Room in a “Bunkie”

The mini-homes are making the headlines, and it is not difficult to understand why. Urban trends and a refined lifestyle: living in intimate spaces has attracted many people. However, there is another parallel trend that is also making waves and whose growing interest is just as legitimate as it is appreciable.

In the little houses topic, bunkies are none other than charming stylized wooden cabins for which the use is left to the entire imagination of the owner. Of varying sizes, this turns them into perfect interior design brainstorming ideas. If the custom tendency is to use one’s bunkie as an external DIY warehouse or a creative studio attached to the house, few think to turn their garden hut into an additional guest room. The idea is well thought out: your guests will have all the independence they need and space to stay at their ease while enjoying the comfort and warmth of their host. It is a perfect scenario as you host close family or friends that you have not seen for a long time.

A guest room in your bunkie is a winning combo for all! It eliminates all the disadvantages. No need to worry about long meals or the road to travel when your guests can enjoy the shelter nestled in your garden. New parents love it for its secluded location that isolates baby crying; the older people love it for the tranquility of the nights and young people appreciate it for the freedom that it gives them to come and go as they please. Buying a wooden bunkie online is an excellent option if you want to customize all your projects. You can compare sizes, models and add accessories from your sofa. Nothing quite like it! Whether you have it delivered or you go buy your bunkie directly, the mounting of your wooden hut adventure will quickly happen and end just as fast! The advantage of choosing a prefabricated bunkie kit is that the assembly is fast and straightforward. A good day of DIY, or a weekend for the most thorough, will be enough to see your project take shape in your garden. From there on, there are two possibilities: go directly to the furnishing and decorating stage or isolate and install the electricity first to have a functional room all year long. If it requires a little more effort, the second alternative remains the most qualitative for your future guests.

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