We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

Get ready for spring in 7 easy steps

Your Bunkie can last for years to come, even through our harsh winter seasons, with the right care and maintenance. We made sure to give you 5 tips to prepare your bunkies for winter. so let’s look at how to best open up your Bunkie for spring!

1 – Check the roof

After months of supporting the substantial weight of snow and ice, it’s essential to take a look at the overall condition of your Bunkie’s roof. Check for visible signs of damage and, if shingled, replace any missing shingles. Make sure the roof is still watertight by looking for signs of leaks or water damage along the ceiling.

2 – Check the foundations

As happy as we are to see the snow melt, the extra ground moisture can cause your foundations to shift slightly. While a small amount of settling is normal, extreme shifts can cause instability and warping. A quick test is to open and close all doors and windows—are they still swinging free and level? If yes, your structure is still balanced.

3 – Inspect doors and windows

We all feel a little creaky post-winter, so check hinges and latches of your Bunkie’s doors and windows. Where necessary, clean and lubricate the hinges, hardware and handles. Take a look at any screens and patch small tears, or replace the entire screen if needed.

4 – Clean seals

Prevention is better than cure, so have a look at the finish on your Bunkie walls, the seals around window frames, and any caulking or sealants. Wipe down with a clean cloth to eliminate dirt or residue, and touch up where needed. It’s much easier to stop a leak than fix one!

5 – Clear around your Bunkie

While our gardening enthusiasts have big plans for their Bunkie landscaping, take time to clear any unwanted brush, weeds or shrubs that might be growing too close to your Bunkie’s foundations. Proper airflow around the base and walls of your structure will help avoid humidity, critters and bugs from moving in.

6 – Take a look at exterior walls

Much like your Bunkie base, ensure the exterior walls of your cabana are clear of anything that might collect moisture. Trees that are too close, décor hangings or fabric like awnings should be cleared and aired out to prevent creating the right conditions for mold.

7 – Let your Bunkie breathe

Kick off the spring season with a good airing of your Bunkie. Circulating air through the interior will make sure your Bunkie is fresh, dry and welcoming. And if you stored flammable products, fertilizers, cleaners, paints or other potential ventilation hazards during the winter, use this airing out to carefully check each item to make sure there are no leaks or messes.

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