We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

We make bunkies kit from Canadian wood.

Less is more: the art of gaining space


We live in an age of access, where virtually anything can be delivered right to our doors. It’s easier than ever to get carried away, filling our lives with more than we actually need. It’s no surprise a return to simplicity is emerging as a counterpoint to clutter.

While the concept of minimalism is relative (after all, one person’s clutter is another person’s must-have), regularly evaluating what you and your family truly need can be a great exercise, freeing up space and increasing appreciation of possessions you truly cherish. And while Bunkies provide excellent storage solutions, they can also offer a perfect practice run for your new minimalist values.

Back to basics for your home away from home

If your Bunkie is an extension of your cottage or cabin, it’s the perfect place to stay during your weekend getaways. While it’s tempting to bring every item you would use at home, streamlining packing to just the essentials will help you and your family better connect with each other and with each moment. Save the screens, chargers and gaming gadgets for the car ride, and enjoy some authentic face-time as a family.

No clutter doesn’t mean no comfort

Minimizing isn’t just about sacrifice: by choosing high-quality items that you truly love, your Bunkie can be uncluttered and cozy. Soft linens, fluffy pillows, furniture carefully selected to stand the test of time—you can craft a space that breathes, but offers a beautiful welcome to your family or friends again and again.

Zen at home

Your Bunkie can help you achieve minimalism right at home, too. Whether it’s your hobby haven, poolside retreat or garden shed, the same basics apply. Limit the items to what you absolutely need or absolutely love. Some inspired customers have even transformed their Bunkie into a retreat while building their home or undergoing renovations, with the added benefit of creating a future guesthouse.

Give away to give back

Minimalism is about creating space to enjoy more moments, so it can help to part with duplicates or items you no longer need. If you decide to de-clutter, look into local options for rehoming items that are still in good condition. Sharing with someone who can benefit strengthens the community and cuts down on waste!

If you are interested in the Wiserwood Bunkies, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-554-0854.

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